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    Registered office Cricket Square,
    Hutchins Drive, PO Box 2681,
    Grand Cayman, KY1–1111,
    Cayman Islands
    Headquarters and principal place of business in PRC
    13th Floor, Unit A1
    Tian An Tech Industry Building
    Huangjin Road
    Nancheng District, Dongguan
    Guangdong, PRC
    Principal place of business in Hong Kong Room 2404 24th Floor,
    World-Wide House
    19 Des Voeux Road, Central
    Hong Kong
    Company secretary
    Wong Cheung Ki Johnny, FCPA, ACIS, ACS
    Authorised representatives Ye Tao
    Audit committee
    Jip Ki Chi (Chairman)
    Wang, Michael Chou
    Chen Guiyi
    Remuneration committee Wang, Michael Chou (Chairman)
    Jip Ki Chi
    Chen Guiyi
    Nomination committee
    Ye Fan (Chairman)
    Wang, Michael Chou
    Jip Ki Chi
    Hong Kong branch share register and transfer office Tricor Investor Services Limited
    Level 22, Hopewell Centre
    183 Queen’s Road East
    Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Cayman Islands share registrar and transfer office
    Codan Trust Company (Cayman) Limited
    Cricket Square
    Hutchins Drive
    PO Box 2681
    Grand Cayman, KY1-1111
    Cayman Islands
    Principal bankers China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited.
    Industrial Bank Co. Ltd.